You can meet many people in Shiga International Language Club ShILC. It is easy to get here from Otsu, Takashima, Ritto, and Kusatsu.

You can make many irreplaceable, precious friends!
Your participation will be grea appreciated!

You can meet many irreplaceable, precious friends in ShILC!! You can learn Japanese culture and language from the friends.

You can broaden your world in Japan so much :)!


 Most overseas people in Shiga work as an English teacher. Other people are working for a factory of Japanese company. With a busy schedule, you may not have any chances to meet people outside of work and school.

In ShILC, you can meet really good friends at the language meetings in the evenings. Our meeting starts from 20:00 on Friday. You can join in the meetings as a volunteer English speaker free of charge. Your participation will be greatly appreciated, since our Japanese members would love to learn English and about the culture of your country.

We also have events like parties, BBQ, one-day trips, and camping trips. These events are another way for you to make friends!

Making friends is the best way to learn and experience Japanese culture.


You may learn Japanese at a language school or a university. You may however feel that the Japanese studied at school is different from the Japanese people speak. The Japanese language on the texts is at times too formal and different from the Japanese used in everyday speech.

So, the best way to fully master real Japanese is by making Japanese friends. ShILC is one of the best places to make Japanese friends, since all our Japanese members in ShILC are interested in international communication.

We also have many events. You can learn about Japanese culture and custom by joining in our events.

Of course, you can also learn about Japan from our members.

Member comments

  • 男の子Albert(25)[Otsu] :I came to Japan to go to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) located in Beppu city. I could make so many friends there. I then moved to Otsu city in Shiga prefecture to work for a Japanese company. I felt it was more difficult to make new friends, since I was so busy at work. I found ShILC at the time. I can meet new people and make many friends here. I'm also glad to introduce my country's culture. I feel my participation is greatly appreciated by the Japanese members.
  • ペンギン
    Mikako(21)[Otsu]:I decided to study abroad using a system of my university next year. I thought I have to improve my English before leaving Japan. I didn't however have enough money to go to an Eikaiwa school. I found ShILC on the Internet. I can speak with foreigners and know the culture of their countries here. I really thank to the volunteer English speakers!

Why can I make so good friends in ShILC?

Your participation is really appreciated in the language meeting!


 All the members of ShILC are interested in learning English and about the culture of other countries. So, the participation of overseas people as a volunteer English speaker is really appreciated at the language meetings. You can make many friends at our meetings.

We talk about various topics like "festivals in your hometown", "what you want now", and "what you want to eat in spring". You can also freely talk about other such topics.

You can have good experiences which are difficult to have by yourself.


 We have many events like parties, BBQ, one-day trips, and camping trips. You can visit various places on our camping trips. We have visited world heritage sites and famous landmarks in Japan. You don't have to check how to go there by yourself, since our Japanese members will guide you.

You can have fun and interesting experiences in our one-day trips. We go picking strawberries, making pottery, playing tennis, picking edible wild plants, making glass arts, visiting a beer factory, and climbing a mountain. You have to read Japanese instructions and reserve them in Japanese to experience these things if you go there by yourself. Since our Japanese members will reserve them for you at ShILC, you don't have to reserve them by yourself.

Our event fees are very affordable, since ShiLC is a non-profit group.

Our language meetings are held at a very convenient place in Shiga.


 We host our language meetings in a clean conference room. It is located in a convenient place in Shiga prefecture. You can come using the Keihan line or the JR line. You can also use a car, a motor bike, or bicycle. There is parking available.

You don't have to come to every meeting. Please fell free to drop by if you have time.


Pictures of our events can be viewed online :)

Language meetings are free for overseas people.


You can join in the language meetings free of charge as a volunteer English speaker. They are held on Friday nights.

We have around 30 events annually. They are very affordable.

You can see some pictures below.




Voice from participants

  • 例会テキスト
    Anna(28)[Ritto]:I'm working for a factory of a Japanese company in Shiga. I thought I would like to experience various things while I am in Japan. It was, however, very difficult for me to have a trip or to try new things, since I'm not good at Japanese language. I then found ShILC and join in it as a volunteer English speaker. I joined in the events such as picking strawberries, a camping trip to visit a world heritage site, and making pottery. The members are so kind and always help me. I really enjoy the activities.

You can easily apply to ShILC on this website.

We are recruiting new members now!


 If you have an interest in being a volunteer English speaker, please apply from using this entry form. It takes only 15min to send the registration form. We will review the entry form as soon as we can. Since there are so many application, please fill the form carefully. The process is written on this page.


There are few places to meet people in Shiga.


 Though Shiga prefecture has a good natural environment, there are few places to meet people with international backgrounds. All the Japanese members in ShILC are really kind and interested in international communication. So, you can easily make many friends. Of course, you can meet people from various other countries, too. Please try coming to try our meeting.



Just try once! You don't have to continue if you don't want to.


 Our meetings are free of charge for overseas people. You can join in the meetings whenever it is convenient for you. You don't have to continue coming if you don't want to.

Just try our meeting once! It will be fun!



Don't miss this chance as long as you would like to meet many people!

People from any country are welcomed if they speak English well.


 You can meet many irreplaceable, precious friends in ShILC!! You can learn about Japanese culture and the language from our members. You can broaden your world in Japan so much :) Language meetings are free of charge. Registration is easy! Location is convenient. No risk!!

Please sign up!

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