You can meet many people in Shiga International Language Club ShILC. It is easy to get here from Otsu, Takashima, Ritto, and Kusatsu.

Activitymeetings and events

You can make many friends through speaking about various topics and by sharing your country's culture.

We have language meetings on Friday from 20:00 to 21:40.


We start the language meetings in pairs. We enjoy talking about a topic in pairs for about 10 minites. Since we change pairs 10 minute intervals, you can speak with many people.

The topics are like "my family", "what you ate yesterday", or "your favorite movie". You can also learn about Shiga.



We then work in groups with 4-6 persons. We enjoy various things, e.g., "writing wish strips of Tanabata festival", "drawing the picture of your favorite country", or "drawing a picture connecting several figures". You can naturally enjoy talking about many things with your fellow ShILC group members.




You can also learn many things about Japan. Please introduce your country and its culture to the others. Your participation would be greatly appreciated. We are recruiting volunteers from any country to talk at our meetings as long as they can communicate well using English. This meeting is regularly held on Friday from 20:00 to 21:40. These meetings are free for foreigners.



You can experience various things like visiting world heritage sites and making Japanese craft and art!

You can make many friends through our events (about 30 held annually) such as parties, BBQ, one-day trips and camping trips.


We hold various events in ShILC. The main events are the camping trips. We stay in log-houses in on these trips. We enjoy cooking by ourselves. You can make really good friends on these camping trips. We also go sightseeing. You can see world heritage sites and famous landmarks of Japan.

These camping trips are held on the weekends or national holidays.



We also go on one-day driving trips on Sunday and national holidays. You can experience various things like picking strawberries, making pottery, playing tennis, picking edible wild plants, making glass arts, visiting a beer factory, and climbing a mountain.




We also hold parties like Halloween party, Xmas party, or New Year's party. They are mainly held on weekdays from 20:00. You can view pictures of our events in our gallery.

The participation fees to attend these events are very affordable. Parties are 2000 yen including food and drink. One-day trips are around 4000 yen. Camping trips are around 9000-18000 yen. Of course, you will know the fees beforehand.

Please make many new friends in these events!





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If you are living in Kyoto, please join in the Kyoto branch.


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