You can meet many people in Shiga International Language Club ShILC. It is easy to get here from Otsu, Takashima, Ritto, and Kusatsu.

EntryHow to join in ShILC

You can apply to ShILC in 3 simple steps!

We are now recruiting new volunteer speakers to join our meetings. Though your nationality does not matter, you should be able to explain your culture in English or Japanese. You don't have to speak very fluently. Since all costs to keep the organization (renting the room, website costs, bills to advertise our circle) is paid by our Japanese members, our overseas members don't have to pay any money except for the fee to join in the events such as a BBQ.

STEP 1 Sending your registration form

registration form

 After you have read this homepage carefully, please submit your application. Please fill out this form in detail. (Please check FAQ before you send the entry from.)You will receive automatic reply mail soon after you submit the form.



STEP 2 We will contact you by email if your application is approved.


We will arrange the first meeting date for you to join our meeting if your application is approved.

There are many applicants to our group. So, we only contact the applicants who pass our review process. Please fill out the application form carefully.


STEP 3 Trial

registration form

Please come to the meeting in Hamaotsu Asuto at the arranged time and try our meeting. It is free!

Application form for trial participation







Kyoto International Club Klexon


If you are living in Kyoto, please join in the Kyoto branch.


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